Sunday, September 13, 2009

Truro Gets a New Mini-Radio Station

My hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia, is getting a new radio station that will broadcast performances and recordings by local musicians.

Earlier this month, the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission approved an application from the Truro Live Performing Arts Association to set up a low-wattage developmental station--operated by volunteers for training purposes--at 106.1 FM.

The Truro Live Performing Arts Association appears to be an equal-opportunity music organization; its website emphasizes that it is committed to promoting all things musical in the Marigold City. This bodes well for the new station, and I look forward to programming that's truly local, and eclectic.

I'll have to listen to it in my car, though: the range is only five kilometers, and the transmitter is up on Young Street. My parents live in the exurbs.