Friday, December 31, 2010

"More a Charles Ives in There--Without Being Awful Like Ives Is"

On his Age of Ravens blog, Hoosier Lowell Francis wrote about classical music he likes--and wrote exclusively about Michael Daugherty. He sums it all up like this:
Daugherty's a good ways away from some of the more narrow and completely dissonant forms in 20th Century music. He doesn't echo any of the minimalism of Philip Glass or even John Adams. There's more a Charles Ives in there-- but without being awful like Ives is. There-- I said it. He's more listenable that some other 20th century stuff (to me at least) like Boulez, Messiaen, or Carter. I will note that he's routinely criticized for being kitschy-- and that may be why I like him. 
 It's as good a description as I've heard.

Red Cape Tango - Metropolis Symphony - Michael Daugherty