Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second Thoughts on Using Amazon's Cloud Drive

Because it uses Flash, there's only an Android app for Amazon's new Cloud Player--nothing for iPhone. But I'm having no problem installing the MP3 Uploader on my MacBook and can upload and play tracks through Chrome and Safari. At least I can listen through my computer at work (a PC) and through portable speakers at home (the Mac).

Here's the thing: to upload all of my music from iTunes to the Cloud Drive, I need 20 GB of storage and they only give me 5 GB for free. If I buy an MP3 album from Amazon, I get that additional 15 GB without cost for a year. But what do I do after a year? Then I pay $20 annually to keep my music in the locker. That's pretty cheap, but I'm not going to go for it before I see what Google's got to offer. 

For now, I'll live with my free 5 GBs, and because they'll let me store anything I buy from them for free,  I'll use Amazon's MP3 store. (See: they got me!)

Want more? 

Matt Brian speculates that all of this is a prelude to Amazon releasing their own Android tablet. Glenn Peoples of Billboard has weighed in on his blog, and Ben Parr of Mashable has some first impressions