Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Latest Trip to Truro's Victoria Park

Every time we go back to Nova Scotia, my family and I make a point of visiting Victoria Park in Truro.

The centerpiece of the 400-acre park (with another 600 acres of protected woodland surrounding it) is Joe Howe Falls, named for the journalist, politician, and one-time opponent of Confederation best known for his successful self-defense on a libel charge in 1835.

From Victoria Park, Summer 2011

I'm probably a bad dad for letting (making) my children climb the 175 steps of Jacob's Ladder, but this was something I looked forward to do when I came as a kid.
From Victoria Park, Summer 2011

Here's the photo album of our latest sojourn to what is probably the most spectacular municipal park in the province (and that includes anything in Halifax):
Victoria Park, Summer 2011