Friday, August 31, 2012

Orchestra Watch: Indianapolis, San Antonio (Update: San Antonio Musicians' Letter to the Board on Texas Public Radio Blog)

It's hard to imagine losing 40% of your income in one fell swoop, but that's what might happen to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra musicians, who are negotiating a contract with management. Drew McManus gives an overview here, and argues that the big problem is a lack of administrative leadership. (It's not that they're leadership is weak or ineffective: they have no CEO and no VP of Development.) The current contract expires September 3.

The San Antonio Symphony has been working under an extension of its 2007-11 contract, and its expiring today. The musicians asked its board for talks back on August 14; in April, when the musicians last requested talks, management said they weren't ready.

Things aren't so great for either Minneapolis-area orchestras, either.

No news in Atlanta, though.

Update (Saturday, September 1)

John Clare of Texas Public Radio in San Antonio let me know that you can find the letter here, as well as an interview with the musicians' negotiating committee.