Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Will West Sixth Win By Taking the Low Road?

Magic Hat and Kentucky beer company West Sixth are currently embroiled in a trademark-infringement fight that has become a very public battle. West Sixth is the underdog here, but it's doing itself no favors with its sarcastic, overblown, immature attacks on social media. Here's an example from a recent post on Facebook, where the company addresses Magic Hat directly:

We saw that you finally decided to hire a PR person to reply to our petition from yesterday. I suppose after more than 10,000 people signed it, you couldn’t ignore it any more. 
Since you decided to publish our letters (which I hope everyone takes the time to read, they’re hilarious), we also want to make sure everyone can see the full text of the bogus lawsuit. As you can see there are some crazy claims in it, and some that even look like it might have been copied and pasted from other lawsuits – what’s that craziness about us moving into South Carolina?
There are probably a lot of people who will support West Sixth no matter how it acts, but there are many who will be turned off by its antics--particularly when they see that Magic Hat really has a case here:

The best thing West Sixth can do is keep as quiet and polite as possible, and use this publicity as a chance to focus on its product instead of its logo (it really is a bad logo; West Sixth: take this opportunity to change it).