Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Good News, A Little Bad News in Rochster Eating

Yesterday, my wife and I went to Rosie's Hot Buns for dinner on Monroe Avenue (right next to the bong shop). It's a high-end fast-food joint that sells fancy tasting $4 sandwiches. Get two of them, and you've got a good meal.

Rosie's is just down the block from Dogtown, which makes this our new go-to area for cheap eats, on our own or with the kids. We also like Pizza Stop on State Street (good if you're over at Hochstein for lessons or a concert) and Bill Gray's in the 'burbs (don't judge me).

In the East End, the new local lunch spot Camarella's closed after less than a year. Working down in that area is a dismal proposition, and losing this place doesn't help.

It's not like I'm going to be going out and getting $10 mimosas for lunch at Fraiche.