Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Check Out the Cold War Aircraft on Display in Nova Scotia

If you're a fan of Cold War history and find yourself in Nova Scotia, you should check out the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum out by the Halifax airport.

Here's their F-86 Sabre (with daughter), a plane that went into production right after World War II, and entered the Canadian Armed Forces in the 1950s as tensions with the Soviet Union were really heating up:

It also has in its collection a CF-101 Voodoo, the plane that Canada decided purchased from McDonnell in 1961, two years after Diefenbaker canceled the supersonic Avro Arrow (it was a controversial decision, as many believed that the Candadian-made Arrow would have made the country a major global military player in the fight against Communism):

The museum is no-frills--there are no tour guides, the posted descriptions of the exhibits are designed and printer using Word and an inkjet printer, and the computer displays don't always work--but whoever operates it puts a lot of care into keeping the ample number of planes, helicopters, and other flying machines in great shape. It's also cheap: the museum asks for a $5 donation for each adult.